Visual Benchmark for Data Analytics AI Agents

What is DA-bench?

DA-bench is the “Data Analyst Benchmark” - it is a series of questions that you would expect Data Analysts to be able to solve.

This benchmark was created to help us test Unsupervised and other data tools against real-world problems, so we can understand the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to automating analytics.

DA-bench is a visual benchmark, you can see both the score and videos of how every tool performs on every test. See some examples below:


Tool Date Tested Score

Full Agent Use your Data Warehouse

2024-06-28 51.1% VIEW DETAILS

Full Agent Use Uploaded Data

2024-06-09 37.6% VIEW DETAILS
Databricks IQ

Co-pilot Use your Data Warehouse

2024-07-04 33.2% VIEW DETAILS
Einstein for Tableau

Co-pilot Use your Data Warehouse

Not Yet Tested
Snowflake Cortex Analyst

Co-pilot Use your Data Warehouse

Not Yet Tested
ChatGPT Data Analyst

Full Agent Use Uploaded Data

Not Yet Tested
ThoughtSpot Sage

Natural Language Search Use your Data Warehouse

Not Yet Tested
Copilot in Power BI

Co-pilot Use your Data Warehouse

Not Yet Tested


The Data Analyst Benchmark is a collection of datasets and prompts that can be used to test how automated analytics tools handle common data analyst tasks.

We use this information to help us prioritize work to improve our AI. We are making it available publicly to help other companies improve their tools and to help users evaluate which tools are relevant to their problems.

DA-bench currently tests dozens of prompts across 9 categories. Evaluation is performed by manual testing by a third-party, scores and videos of test results are displayed on dabench.com.

More Info

DA-bench is maintained by Unsupervised.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome on the DA-bench Github Repository.